2017 works on paper

  • willow river.

    willow river.

  • afton birch.

    afton birch.

  • red feather.

    red feather.

  • mountain path.

    mountain path.

  • poudre river.

    poudre river.

  • theodore roosevelt.

    theodore roosevelt.

  • upper gooseberry falls.

    upper gooseberry falls.


  • april in the branches.

    april in the branches.

  • across the water.

    across the water.

  • here and there.

    here and there.

  • uphill dream.

    uphill dream.

  • road sketches.

    road sketches.

  • up north trip.

    up north trip.

  • ontario.



  • four days nothing.

    four days nothing.

  • second line. SOLD

    second line. SOLD

  • hong kong. SOLD

    hong kong. SOLD

  • worldwide dance craze.

    worldwide dance craze.


  • La Jolla. SOLD

    La Jolla. SOLD

  • as long as.

    as long as.

  • into the blue.

    into the blue.

  • owl canyon. SOLD

    owl canyon. SOLD

  • through flagstaff.

    through flagstaff.

  • olkmulgee.


  • scenic feature.

    scenic feature.

  • eyelid movies.

    eyelid movies.


  • in the space of a dream. SOLD

    in the space of a dream. SOLD

  • rosa lee. SOLD

    rosa lee. SOLD

  • high up construct.

    high up construct.

  • white picket montra. SOLD

    white picket montra. SOLD

  • eighty mile dream.

    eighty mile dream.

  • kowloon.


  • state line supplication. SOLD

    state line supplication. SOLD

  • september call-up. SOLD

    september call-up. SOLD

  • trevi.


  • star child.

    star child.

  • shambhala.


  • beer & stock cars.

    beer & stock cars.


  • a guest the moon let in. sold

    a guest the moon let in. sold

  • Whispers to Satellites. SOLD

    Whispers to Satellites. SOLD

  • Language and Rhythm.

    Language and Rhythm.

  • Arrangement.